Earth Rod With Coupling Joint Male-Female

Copper Bonded Earth Rod manufactured from high tensile, low carbon steel & pure electrolytic copper is uniformly & molecularly bonded to thickness up to 0.30mm ( up to 254 Micron {10Mils} as well 300 Micron) thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile steel ensures strength and hardness allowing the use of power hammer for deep driven system.
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Product description

Code No. Size & Length Thread Diameter Rod Diameter (MM)
ERJ1515 15 X 1500 Unthreaded 15
ERJ1815 18 X 1500 Unthreaded 18
ERJ1820 18 X 2000 Unthreaded 18
ERJ2015 20 X 1500 Unthreaded 20
ERJ2020 20 X 2000 Unthreaded 20
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